The Walsh Bay Theatre Walk honours 21 legends of Australian stage and screen in the form of individual plaques set into the paving stone. The theatre legends were chosen by Arts NSW, an independent panel in consultation with the Arts industry.

The 21 theatre stars have at some point lived in NSW and each has made a vast contribution to the State's vibrant theatre scene.

Situated at Pier 2/3, the walk marks the location as a formal part of the Walsh Bay arts and cultural precinct which already plays host to the prestigious Sydney Theatre Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre and Sydney Dance Company.

  • Neil Armfield AO - Director
  • John Bell AO OBE - Actor, Director
  • Wendy Blacklock AM - Actor, Producer
  • Cate Blanchett - Actor
  • Ruth Cracknell AM - Actor
  • Gale Edwards - Director
  • Nick Enright AM - Playwright, Director
  • Hayes Gordon AO OBE - Actor, Director, Teacher
  • Reg Livermore AO - Actor
  • Bob Maza AM - Actor, Playwright, Activist
  • John Maccallum AO CBE - Actor, Director, Producer
  • Tim Minchin - Composer, Lyricist, Performer
  • Robyn Nevin AM - Actor, Director
  • Barry Otto - Actor
  • Geoffrey Rush - Actor
  • Jim Sharman - Director
  • Brian Thomson AM - Theatre, Opera, Film Designer
  • Jacki Weaver - Actor
  • Hugo Weaving - Actor
  • Richard Wherrett AM - Director
  • JC (James Cassius) Williamson - Actor, Producer, Manager
  • Googie Withers AO CBE - Actor



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