Project Milestone:
  • Concrete caisson wire cutting, removal and demolition is now complete.
  • Installation of 350 tonne tower crane within the “cultural space” footprint.
  • Placement of sandstone along the northern shoreline has now been completed.
  • Placement of sandstone along the western shoreline to the Northern Cove has been completed.
  • Works for the excavation of the Northern Cove has commenced.
Upcoming Works (March):
  • Pot holing investigations throughout Millers Point has commenced for the Millers Point Public Domain Improvements.
  • Backfilling behind the 180m counterfort wall will continue.
  • Construction of the car park entry for the cultural centre will continue at the northern end of site.
  • Concrete pours of the cultural centre southern wall has commenced.
  • Planting continues along the terrace walls.

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