Sydney’s blessed with a seemingly infinite capacity to surprise and charm. Discover the fascinating fragments of our turbulent history.

In February 2000, during excavation for the development of the Parbury Apartments the ground floor remains of a stone cottage were uncovered. The cottages two main owners were ex-convicts Hugh Noble (born 1794) and Thomas Street (born 1790).

Noble purchased the site around 1820 and built the cottage soon after. He sold the property to Street in 1831. Street added the kitchen and basement to the cottage in 1835.

The cottage was abandoned and partly demolished by the late 1860's. It was finally built over by a service ramp for the adjacent Bond Stores in the 1870's.


Today you can see the remains of a verandah and four basement rooms. Two rooms would have had harbour views.

The site has been declared to be of State Significance, meaning that it is important to our understanding of the history of NSW.

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