Towns Place
1-5 Towns Place, Millers Point, NSW, 2000
Strata Plan 76902
BMC 32


Number of Dwellings: 65 Residential apartments
Facilities: [Pool, Gym etc) Pool, Gym, Spa and Sauna
Offices: Nil
Retail: 2
Heritage: Towns Place is not listed as a heritage building, however the whole of Walsh Bay is listed as a Conservation Zone. Hence any development in Walsh Bay requires an exemption from the Heritage Council NSW.

Building Manager

Manage Meant provides a complete building/ facility management solution ensuring all relevant plant, equipment and machinery is maintained to the highest quality.

Building Management:
P.02 9251 8582 | F.02 9247 5565 | M.0433 779 814 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Strata Title Managers: Dynamic Property Services


Body Corporate

C/- Lauren Shaw

Dynamic Property Services

Level 5, 162 Goulburn St

FREE wifi available in the public areas within the Precinct.

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