Sydney’s blessed with a seemingly infinite capacity to surprise and charm. Discover the fascinating fragments of our turbulent history.

As part of the redevelopment of the Walsh Bay Precinct 'The Paddock', a beautiful park located on the corner of Pottinger St and Windmill St, was redeveloped by Mirvac and Transfield and donated to the Sydney City Council for the benefit of local residents and the people of Sydney at no cost to the Public.

This park has been created on an area affectionately known by the residents of Millers Point as the Paddock. Children of many generations up to the present day have played here. Residents undertook tree planting programs and worked as a community to preserve this small green patch.


The park as it stands today has been landscaped and levelled, planted with new trees and handed back to the community by Mirvac and Transfield continuing the tradition of the Paddock for future generations

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